Nice wall canvas wall art for new hotel.
Cherry wood furniture interior wall art.
Cherry wood wall art world map.
ancient cherry wood
unique wooden frame
Unique vintage gift for yourself or family.
Classy map, 62"x39", 157x100cm, Map of the modern world, Ancient cherry wood
hand drawn world map
readable map details zmaps

Classy map, 62"x39", 157x100cm, Map of the modern world, Ancient cherry wood

This terrific map is sold. New one will be made to order.

- Overall size 62"x39"// 157x100cm

Our maps can be used as a travel push pin map

- Perfectly readable
- Cotton canvas, truly antique feel
- Hand carved antique cherry wood bars, classy, fine furnishing style. Wood is over 100 years old.
- Hanging map ready for your wall

- Great accuracy and authenticity of the old, distorted map style.
- All countries&states&cities&borders of today are labeled and readable.
- Map language is English.
- Map includes two detailed inset maps of North and South pole
- Beautiful "antique feel", neutral color and golden satin map edges
- Two bronze hangers

Perfect wall decoration for modern, industrial or rustic interior of your home, conference room, restaurant...ready to hang on your wall!

- Unique, accurate composition of the modern world as a truly old map.
- High resolution readable map with hand made antique finish on durable and resistant canvas.

Fantastic combination of modern and ancient ... and the powerful content of the map always attracts attention of your guests, visitors...and believe me, people always love to discuss different themes (traveling, geography, politics, medieval times, history&origin of wines..) standing next to the readable wall map, sipping a glass of aromatic wine or fine old cognac... Hang the map in your restaurant, bar, hotel, conference room, HQ or home...