Large vintage world map showing monsters with antique wood and steel.
Rustic wall decoration made from antique wood and cotton canvas.
Hic sunt dracones, rusty iron vintage wall decoration for home or office.
Old iron and wood wall art, large size.
Here there be dragons wall decoration world map.
Wall map on cotton canvas with rusty steel and massive vintage wood.
Terra incognita wall decoration world map.
Wooden finials and wall art world map in Latin.
Exploring sailing from the Old world to the New world
Latin wall map from old times showing old world.
Wall art map showing sea monsters and sirens and old pirate ships.

Beautiful dragon's world map, 71''x41'' / 181cm x 105cm

This stunning map is ready for purchase. You will receive it in a few days!

- Overall size 71''x 41'' / 181cm x 105cm   

- world in 16th century: a large and extensive southern continent is shown and labeled “Terra Incognita”. Author Forlani has populated the unknown southern land mass with imaginary topographical features as well as unlikely animals – among them a camel, an elephant, a lion, a rhinoceros and most outlandish, a griffin and a unicorn.

- Each map detail is comfortably readable.
- Beautiful colors!
- High resolution map with hand made antique finish on durable cotton canvas.

 Wooden pull down frame is hand made of over 200 years old oak, including iron hangers and rusty iron plate with an old latin expresion HIC SVNT DRACONES - in other words HERE BE MONSTERS or THERE BE DRAGONS. It means dangerous or unexplored territories, in imitation of a supposed medieval practice of putting dragons, sea serpents and other mythological creatures in uncharted areas of maps.

- Hand-carved antique dragon tail finials at the bottom antique wooden bar.
- Wood has matte feel, dark chocolate color.
- Hand forged iron nails & hangers
- Left&right vertical edges are accurately distorted, really original feel

The colorful content (ships, monsters) of the map always attracts attention of your guests, visitors...a true conversation starter.

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