pull down world map, old map 1565
round brass nails, ancient massive wood, readable map
wind heads, colorful world map, historical wall art
sands of time, sand clock inspiration, brass nails
terra, universale, Latin language
hand carved wood
Wind head, eastern hemisphere,
wood worms in the pull down frame, dead worms, only holes
vintage canvas, vintage cloth, water colors, readable details
distorted map edges, original feel, antique wall art
interesting map details
sea monsters, unknown lands
sea explorers ships, sirens, sea creatures
first impressions of the world map

Colorful world map, 54'' x 34''/ 140cmx 87cm, Pirates 1500, Old chart, Sands of time in the wooden frame

Map is sold. Please contact us for custom order.

- Overall size 54'' x 34'' // 140cm x 87cm

About the map:
- world in 16th century: a large and extensive southern continent is shown and labeled “Terra Incognita”. Author Forlani has populated the unknown southern land mass with imaginary topographical features as well as unlikely animals – among them a camel, an elephant, a lion, a rhinoceros and most outlandish, a griffin and a unicorn.

- Each map detail is comfortably readable.
- Beautiful colors!
- High resolution map with hand made antique finish on durable cotton canvas.
- Frame is hand made of rustic&antique wood with iron hangers - check close up photos.
- Hand-carved woodwork
- Sands of time...glasshour engraved into the antique wooden frame...sands of time is passing by way too fast...
- Bronze nails & hangers
- Canvas left&right vertical edges are accurately and originally distorted

Its a unique map with our hand made rustic frame-pirate frame. The colorful content (ships, monsters) of the map always attracts attention of your guests, visitors...

Your map will last for generations!

Contact us for any further information. We want to meet you and discuss the details and your wishes about the order.

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