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Dragon world map, 57"x38", 145x97cm, Modern world map 2024, touched by the dragon

Dragon hunter! This map is sold. Please contact us for custom order.

Great wall decor or gift for Game of thrones fans :)

- Overall size 57"x38", 145x97cm

- This modern world map 2024 is truly one of a kind, so rich with information and inspired by mystery dragons!
★★★ Our maps can be used as a travel push pin map

- Perfectly readable, sharp detailed map
- Cotton canvas map, truly antique feel
- Hand carved antique chestnut wooden bars. Chestnut wood is over 100 years old and it was touched by the dragon!
- Rusty steel plaque with Latin quote HIC SUNT DRACONES (There be dragones)

- Great accuracy and authenticity of the old, distorted map style
- All countries&states&cities&borders of today are labeled and readable
- Map language is English
- Map includes two detailed inset maps of North and South pole
- Beautiful "antique feel", neutral color and distorted map edges
- Large artistic dragon is hidden at the right edge of the map
- Two steel hangers

Perfect wall decoration for modern, industrial or rustic interior of your home, conference room, restaurant...ready to hang on your wall!

Your map will last for generations!