Fine wall art on canvas with antique black wood and steel finials Fleur de Lily.
Fleur de lis wall art on canvas, wood and steel.
Hand forged Fleur de lis, home decoration.
Black medieval wall decoration for home.
Fleur de lis and steel nails art for home decor.
Black satin and wall map home decoration.
Hand carved black wooden frame for wall map.
Black vintage wall art for new home.
Classy world maps.
Black world map, 66''x35'', 170x91cm, Black satin edges, Ancient wood, Black iron finials Fleur de lis
World geography map for my wall.
Detailed vintage map of Caribbean.
Accurate world map showing East coast.
Accurate world map showing West coast.
Accurate world map showing European Union countries and cities.
Accurate world map showing Australia and cities, rivers, mountains.

Black world map, 66''x35'', 170x91cm, Black satin edges, Ancient wood, Black iron finials Fleur de lis

This luxury map is sold. Contact us for custom order, we will make a new map just for you, if you need larger or smaller it can be adjusted to your needs.

Map from images - overall size 66''x35'', 170x91 cm (tip to tip of the iron finials)

- This map can be used as a travel push pin map
- Perfectly readable
- Modern world map 2024
- Hanging map ready for your wall, you only need two wall nails.
- Most detailed travel map of the real modern world in magnificent antique style
- Cotton cloth, truly original antique feel

★★★★ Frame: over 100 years old black wood (hand-carved woodworking) and hand forged raw metal finials in shape of stylized lily. According to famous French historian Georges Duby, the three lily petals represent the medieval social classes: those who worked, those who fought, and those who prayed

Perfect wall decoration for modern, industrial or rustic interior of your home, office, restaurant or lobby of you castle!

- Map includes two inset maps of North and South pole
- All countries and states with capitals of today are labeled on the map, highest resolution!
- Title is in 7 languages
- Primary language on the map is English
- Beautiful "antique feel", neutral color and original, antique&distorted map edges

Its one and only map with a unique frame, great combination of modern and historic ... and the powerful content of the map always attracts attention of your guests, visitors...and believe me, people always love to discuss different themes (traveling, geography, politics, medieval times, history&origin of wines..) standing next to the wall map, sipping a glass of aromatic wine or fine old cognac... Hang the map in your restaurant, bar, hotel or dinning room...

Your map will last for generations!